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Baby’s Brain Development


Birth Center Accreditation


Birth Certificates



La Leche League International –

Dr Jack Newman –

KellyMom –

The Breast Crawl –



National Organization for Circumcision Information Resource Center –

Circumcision Resource Center –

American Academy of Pediatrics –


Child Safety/Car Seat Safety


Childbirth Preparation

Lamaze International –

International Childbirth Education Assoc –

HypnoBirthing ® –


Domestic Violence

General Information-

SAFE Shelter of Savannah-

Rape Crisis Center of the Coastal Empire –



General depression-

Post Partum Depression –



DONA  (Doulas of North America) –

CAPPA  (Childbirth & Postpartum Professional Assoc) –


Exercise During Pregnancy

ACOG – Exercise During Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period

Physical Activity for Everyone- Guidelines: Healthy Pregnant or Postpartum Women

Exercise During Pregnancy (pdf)


Food, Water and Product Safety

Environmental Working Group –

Environmental Protection Agency –


Kangaroo Care



American College of Nurse Midwives –

Midwives Alliance of North America –

Birth Centers –


Natural Health

Natural News –

Dr. Mercola –


Nitrous Oxide In Labor


Newborn Screening

Critical Congenital Heart Defects Screening

Hearing Screening

Metabolic Diseases Screening



Food Pyramid-

My Plate –

The Brewer Diet –


Optimal Fetal Positioning

Spinning Babies –


Pregnancy and Birth

American College of Nurse Midwives –

Baby Center –

Childbirth Connection –

Lamaze International –

March of Dimes –


 TENS Unit


Water Birth

Water Birth International –



National Vaccine Information Center –

Center for Disease Control and Prevention –

Dr Sears –


Vitamin K Injection after Birth


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